Aromatic, desirable, plentiful – bean ground & drunk is pure, organic Arabica sourced from the world’s best regions.

With Classic Organic, Espresso and Decaffinated to choose from, it’s award-winning, Fairtrade, certified organic, sensational coffee any way you like it!

Whatever your busy is, remember to make time for yourself. In a fast-paced world, there are some things that are just not negotiable. Like freshly roasted, organic bean ground & drunk coffee.

since 2003

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ethical credentials

Fairtrade.  Organic.  Acclaimed.  A coffee you can really enjoy.  It’s important as a consumer to know your organic choices are endorsed with integrity by Australia’s foremost Organic certifier – Australian Certified Organic (ACO). Fairtrade integrity is also assured so that you can know your choice aids communities of growers around the world.

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bean ground & drunk is a brand of integrity.  Every claim made is qualified by a certification or accreditation and this is audited.  Accountability is something we take seriously and we are immensely proud of our accreditations.  On all fronts – ecology, biology, community and sensory – bean ground & drunk is a stand out.