aromatic, desirable, plentiful

Aromatic, desirable, plentiful – bean ground & drunk is pure, organic Arabica sourced from the world’s best regions for perfect espresso, cappuccinos, macchiatos or café lattes. Created the only way fine beans should be – with heart, passion, technique and respect – it is award-winning, Fairtrade registered, Australian Certified Organic, to make a sensational coffee any way you like it!

Why does it taste so good?

The difference with organically grown coffee is the clean, fresh simplicity in the cup. It is roasted for maximum versatility for a variety of different brewing methods and consumption.


Blend: 100% Arabica
Origins: Central America (Peru and Ethiopia)
Aroma: Licorice, White Pepper
Body: Light
Strength: Medium
Aftertaste: Grass, Barley

Our rich, earthy coffee is sourced from premium organic growing regions and roasted fresh in the heart of Melbourne. Both the dry and wet aromas are earthy and floral. This medium roast blend has a smooth and rich body, balanced mouth feel with subtle pleasant floral notes and a hint of dried plum at the aftertaste. You’ll also notice licorice and white pepper aromas, followed by a crisp pear flavor and lingering notes of fresh grass and barley.


Blend: 100% Arabica
Origins: South America and Africa (Peru, Ethiopia)
Aroma: Bourbon
Body: Light
Aftertaste: Blackberries

The Espresso is a darker roast created in response by fans of the Classic seeking a stronger blend. Expect a delicious dry aroma of earthy moss and smoked nuts. This is a strong, robust blend with a full body. A lively acidity sparkles on the cheek, evenly balancing with earthy notes of malt, dark chocolate and blackberry on the finish.


The coffee drinks well short and strong or milky, long and sweet. Roasted specifically for the espresso machine, it results in a coffee that also drinks beautifully produced with other brewing methods – particularly drip filter and plunger.


Blend: 100% Arabica
Origins: Peru – South America
Aroma: Maple Syrup, Caramel
Body: Light
Aftertaste: Nutty Caramel, Toffee

bean ground & drunk’s award winning organic decaffeinated roast injects subtle nutty flavours with a full-bodied toffee finish using the pure Swiss Water Process, perfect for preserving the natural aromas and essence of unadulterated coffee.


There are zero chemicals in this technique. As a black coffee it’s long on the palate with bold nutty flavours, fragrant maple syrup and a full bodied toffee finish. It’s drunk beautifully with milk; a nutty start – characteristic to the Peru region – followed by a pleasing long, smooth finish.