ethical credentials

bean ground & drunk is a brand of integrity. Accountability is something we take seriously by translating our ethical statements into action, with every claim made audited and qualified by a certification. The idea to create an ethical, organic brand that connected people was founded at the turn of the millennium, where despite unrest, people still connected over coffee and met in cafes.

We recognise introducing best practices today helps shape future industry standards we all benefit from. Understanding the crux of what makes us “ethical” is the first step in building an environment that is. We’re proud to encompass our values into everything we do by delivering continuing value to our customers, suppliers and everyone we do business with.


certified organic

Being an organic producer is a small step toward looking after the ecology at origin and was an environmental choice that has never waived since conception. bean ground & drunk was developed when organic wasn’t as mainstream as now and is a prime example of anticipating the market to create a brand that reflects on consumer changing values.

bean ground & drunk is organically certified by the ACO (Australian Certified Organic), Australia‚Äôs largest and leading certifier for organic and biodynamic produce. Being certified is our promise you are purchasing beans with the highest organic integrity so you can rest assured your coffee not only tastes delicious but it is 100% certifiably chemical free. The ACO is the only organic standard which ensures our status is organic from ‘crop to cup’. This signifies no chemicals – just 100% pure-blend Arabica beans, grown and processed to perfection without harmful synthetic substances, fertilisers or genetic modification. With an ACO certification our beans boast a traceable audit trail from the growing and manufacturing process right through to packaging and labelling.



Creating a brand that contributes to greater public Fairtrade awareness is something that is a source of great satisfaction. On a global community scale there is a plethora of existing human survival issues and bean ground & drunk’s way of acknowledging those issues is to ensure that growers are supported and taken care of by distributing a Fairtrade product. It’s a small gesture that means so much.


swiss water method

The Swiss Water Method is an ecology-friendly, unique system to remove caffeine from the bean while retaining flavour and aroma. It is part of what makes bean ground & drunk stand out on the world stage. The Bean Alliance will be the first customer outside the U.S. to receive “bulk shipment bags” rather than the usual hessian (60kg) bags. The green bean will arrive at the roastery in 1 tonne (1000kg) bags in September 2015. This highlights something our customers have known for more than a decade: that our decaffeinated is a stunning and very drinkable stand out in a crowded and competitive market.



  • Organically ‘double certified’ whereby our beans are certified in both the growing and the roasting processes
  • Buying organic green beans certified by the OCIA (Organic Crop Improvement Association), a leader in providing certification to global organic markets and roasting the beans to perfection in our ACO (Australian Certified Organic) certified plant
  • The first organic coffee in Australia to be certified (ACO – Australian Certified Organic)
  • Fairtrade registered, ensuring (quote) decent working conditions, fair prices and terms of trade for farmers in the developing world
  • Decaffeinated via certified Swiss Water Method, an ecology-friendly, unique method to remove caffeine from the bean but retain flavour and aroma
  • Fully produced in-house – roasted, blended, packaged and delivered around Australia into food service and retail