When creating bean ground & drunk, the mission was simple – to create a Fairtrade, organic, great tasting coffee that people can connect over.  As a “story book” brand, the bean ground & drunk story is continually being re-written.  This “chapter” of bean ground & drunk depicts a brand which has grown from a rookie, to juvenile, blossoming into a mature coffee range that is constantly growing.    When faced with starting each day, “first things first”, bean ground & drunk and everything else follows after that.


the bean ground & drunk story…

bean ground & drunk responds to the sense of community people feel when they gather around the espresso machine.

It appeals to the sense of sharing, enjoying and relating – whether in a café or at home.

Inspired by the heady mix of emotions coffee brings, bean ground & drunk celebrates the collection of interrelated stories we all share…

Created the only way high grade coffee should be – with heart, passion, technique and respect, bean ground & drunk is an exclusive organic coffee blend sourced from the some of the world’s best regions and lovingly prepared at The Bean Alliance roastery, right in the heart of Melbourne.

The idea of a unique brand of organic coffee stemmed back at the turn of the millennium.

“About 15 years ago I began to observe a societal change to behaviour,” founder of the bean ground & drunk philosophy, brand story and product range, Susan Castle reflects.  “At the time there was little product in the Australian coffee industry that was organically certified and consumed and people were really connecting over coffee, meeting and talking and enjoying that strong sense of belonging. It was new – this groundswell of desire to connect – I believe a response to the uncertainty people felt at the change of the millennium.”

This organic trend was to become an element of foundation thinking – and completely original – in development of bean ground & drunk.

In 2001 the coffee officially hit the market, and once perfected launched across selected cafes around the country.  In the cup, the taste our loyal drinkers describe as earthy and aromatic, with a smooth, soft finish.  Since 2008, bean ground & drunk was stocked Australia wide throughout Woolworths supermarkets where it continues to grow strongly, and in 2015 decaffeinated was ranged in Coles.

Whether it’s ecology, biology, community or sensory – on all counts bean ground & drunk is the perfect choice for a great cup of coffee every time.


mission possible

Our mission was simple – to create a Fairtrade, organic, great tasting coffee. A cup you can really enjoy.

We also believe it’s important when you know that your organic choices are endorsed with integrity by Australia’s leading organic certifier – Australian Certified Organic (ACO).  The Fairtrade logo is also clearly marked so that you know you’re buying coffee that looks after communities of growers around the world.

Our mission hasn’t altered – we want everyone to experience bean ground & drunk – Australia’s first organically certified coffee. It tastes sensational in the cup – 100% Arabica, Fairtrade and award winning!

Original and quirky … bean ground & drunk has stood the test of time.


what’s in a name?

Aside from the quality of the beans and organic certifications, the quirky name is quite literal. It makes simple sense… to make a sensational brew you start with a bean, it is ground and then drunk!

Another feature of bean ground & drunk is the award winning packaging (featuring a hand-reared juvenile coffee plant making it easy to find on the shelf!) and the logo is always a point of conversation (is it a hand or a splash in the cup?).  “The hand” demonstrates the passion of the person making the coffee – a great coffee is created from the hand…


the next chapter

As a “story book” brand, the bean ground & drunk story is continually being re-written.
This “chapter” of bean ground & drunk history depicts a brand which has grown from a rookie, to juvenile, blossoming into a mature brand that still holds great potential to grow.


from rookie to big league

  • Australia’s number one supermarket, Woolworths has it on shelf in every store.
  • Attracting the interest and approval of the White Ribbon Foundation – as coffee is drunk in the home – the location most commonly known at which domestic violence occurs.
  • Year upon year of critical acclaim.
  • Plans in the pipeline to evolve the pack design and range.
  • National billboard ad campaigns a strong indicator of the brand growing up.

key milestones

  • 2001 – Officially hit the market launching across selected cafes around the country
  • 2008 – Stocked Australia wide throughout Woolworths where it continues to grow strongly
  • 2011 – As fashion, taste and style evolved, desire for a stronger darker roast meant the milder organic roast “grew up” and bean ground & drunk Espresso was born!
  • 2015 – decaffeinated range stocked in Coles Australia wide

sponsorship & events

bean ground & drunk activity participates in events strategically selected to expose the brand to specifically targeted audiences. Events are aimed at growing the brand and further strengthening its position in Woolworths and Coles, and include:

  • Melbourne Design Market—Melbourne’s most influential designer market
  • The Age Harvest Picnic—one of Vic’s largest food events
  • Around the Bay—Victoria’s premier cycling event
  • Vogue Masterclass
  • Eco-Buy – not for profit organisation established to encourage the purchasing of environmentally preferable (green) products and services
  • MICE – Melbourne International Coffee Festival

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