Little Detail, Big Story: Swiss Water Method Decaffeinated is the new sexy in coffee world


Imagine this: your true love – coffee – is now challenged by a recent health diagnosis, or a pregnancy or a negative caffeine impact on your energy, but you love the whole experience of coffee. It’s integral to your life, your social activities and your daily routine. What do you do? In the past, decaffeinated coffee has had a bad stigma; it had been chemically derived and tasted awful.

Enter side stage, your great caffeine-free alternative – bean ground & drunk’s award winning organic decaffeinated Peruvian coffee, roasted fresh it has subtle nutty flavours with a full-bodied toffee finish. Using the all-natural Swiss Water Process, perfect for preserving the natural aromas and essence of unadulterated coffee!

1bean ground & drunk is the fastest growing product range at The Bean Alliance, Australia’s first roasting plant certified to roast organically. Curiously the Swiss Water decaffeinated has been one of the most successful lines and is now stocked at Coles and Woolworths nationally. Hundreds of cafes grind it fresh daily to serve in the cup. So let’s talk a little about Swiss Water Method…

Fundamental to the market positioning strategy (how this product competes essentially) is the integrity relating to the credentials…Is the “organic” claim substantiated with a certifier – “yes”, OCA Certified Processor P3002. How about Fairtrade, is the supply chain assured? – “sure is”!

When it came to evolving the original bean ground & drunk into a decaffeinated, there was only one accreditation that was important at The Bean Alliance, Swiss Water Method. Based in Canada, SWM use an ecology-friendly, unique method to remove caffeine from the bean but retain flavour and aroma; see this “total science geek hyper-detailed description” of their process:

2All this may seem like an overload of detail, but the Swiss Water Process is part of what makes The Bean Alliance stand out on the world stage. The Bean Alliance will be the first customer outside the U.S. to receive “bulk shipment bags”, that is rather than the usual hessian (60kg) bags, the green bean will arrive at the roastery in 1 tonne (1000kg) bags now. This highlights something great about this beautiful product, something that our customers have known for more than a decade: our decaffeinated is a stunning & very drinkable standout in a crowded and competitive market.

Since its creation in 2002, packed in a plain bag with a label, bean ground & drunk has grown steadily in popularity. Roasted by an all-Australian local company, this is something we should all feel so proud of. And if you want a piece of the new big thing in coffee, surprise everyone and try this single origin big in flavour and freshness, zilch in caffeine….sexy.